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Social Media Marketing Services

We are an experienced social media marketing agency with a skilled and trained team in both offline and online content and social consultancy. Social media is a very effective marketing tool that gives you a direct connection to your target audience, allowing you to form relationships with customers and influencers who, in turn, can form a community with your brand.

Through social platforms you have access to an extensive range of interest and demographic data which you can utilise to strategically target specific audiences.

Trends in recent years have shown us the undeniable benefits of social media marketing; businesses that wish to succeed online must incorporate social media activities into their overall marketing strategy. With a focus on social media optimisation, our social media consultants offer bespoke packages to fit all budgets that are right for your company and industry, ensuring that it complements your overall marketing objective, going hand in hand with your content marketing and SEO activities.

Our Social Media services

Our social media marketing packages include social media services across a range of platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube.

Creating your business page

Our digital team can build your business profile on various social media platforms, creating professional pages that are on-brand, utilising the right social tone and fully optimised with relevant images and your business information.

With so many social media platforms available, we provide you with help and guidance to determine which of the available platforms would be the most appropriate for your business to focus and build a presence on. We will identify where your target audience is located, what topics are current, and the type of media and content that is the most relevant amongst your audience.

Once your pages are set up our team, consisting of content experts, can actively manage the accounts on your behalf, executing cross-channel promotion and social media integration and will help you curate and share relevant content for your business and target audience. Our brand management service also extends to clients with existing social media accounts.

Online community management

Growing your online audience is vital for companies to maintain / spread brand awareness with existing and potential customers. Our experts can help you with your audience engagement, community management, creative discussion, social media monitoring, social listening and online reputation management.

We will send you a regular report, which will detail new followers, the most engaging content, industry trends and upcoming events. We will also send you any vital news in real-time, making sure that you don't miss out on any opportunities.

Social Media marketing campaigns

Whether you want to place an ad that will boost sales, drive website traffic, increase your number of followers or reach out to authoritative publishers (bloggers, journalists, influencers, etc), our digital team can use your social media platforms to build and execute a marketing campaign and social PPC that will produce results. We create campaigns that are:

  • Precise - variables such as age, location and interests can be used to define the audience for your advert by specifying who will see it.
  • Visually engaging - the digital team collaborates with our in-house design team to create high quality content for your ad.
  • Results-driven - as we take reporting and analysis very seriously, we will monitor and analyse the performance data for each advert, taking note of what worked best in any particular campaign. This will guide all future marketing efforts and ensure constant improvement.

To discuss your needs in more detail or get a quote for our social media management services, please get in touch.


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