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Franchise Marketing | Stagecoach Theatre Arts

Stagecoach first approached us in 2007 to help increase its presence in Ireland. After a very successful campaign Stagecoach decided to contract us long term as its marketing partners to revisit its brand, its positioning and help promote the whole Stagecoach network, both at head office and franchisee levels.

Design, Print, Website and Implementation

With a wide customer base we had to ensure we covered all potential target audiences, including children aged from 4 years of age up to young adults aged 18, their parents and wider family circles.

After re-designing all marketing materials and a new website, adding new marketing collateral and updating the core brand message it was time to focus on the regional marketing undertaken by the franchisees who manage over 600 schools nationwide and all others worldwide.

Stagecoach products

Marketing Strategy

To do this we built and managed an online marketing portal where every franchisee could log in to their own account and utilise all the marketing materials we had created. All the products, ranging from direct mail leaflets to outdoor banners, prospectuses, application forms and promotional goods were customisable by the franchisee to personalise the marketing to their school, whilst protecting and magnifying the main brand and message.

We then travelled the country to all regional franchise meetings giving the school principals advice on how to use the new products; who, when and where to market to.

This was so successful that we developed the solution further and created a standalone product called FORM (Flexible Online Resource for Marketing) which has been run out across the franchise industry and for organisations with multiple offices and member organisations.

Online System for Franchises

Online System for Franchises

Previous work with Stagecoach

Logo and Corporate Identity

The client previously commissioned Consider This to refresh their brand and message, ensuring we respected the history of the organisation whilst approaching its target audience in a modern, fresh, relevant and engaging way. The Stagecoach logo is trademarked worldwide at great expense, so we were careful to maintain the core logo elements and focus more on the wider corporate brand identity.

Stagecoach Branding and Logos


Marketing methods and techniques have developed at an incredible rate over the last decade, and we had to ensure Stagecoach was keeping up to date with all possible marketing avenues open to it; building a strong, multi-level, above the line and below the line strategy that put it in front of its customer base in as many ways as possible. To enhance its marketing presence Stagecoach quickly embraced all forms of digital marketing, creating SEO and Social Media and PR campaigns. We built an email marketing package for all Head Office and franchisees to use, focusing on message and brand continuity, allowing them to quickly distribute up-to-date information on their schools, any open days, events, performances or special offers.

Strategy Development

For a successful franchise leading the way in their marketplace it was very important to always keep one step ahead of the competition. Over the period we have been working together, we have brainstormed, created and delivered numerous targeted campaigns that have been filtered through to the franchise network with rewarding results. Always looking for new ideas, new avenues to reach the market place, keeping up to date with current trends and customer needs all go towards keeping Stagecoach the industry leader.

Stagecoach is a glowing example of how our multimedia marketing services can really help make a difference. Check out our portfolio to keep up to date with the campaigns we are working on with Stagecoach and many other clients.

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