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Gr8 Interiors approached Consider This with an exciting project to rebrand their company, redesign their website and implement an ongoing marketing strategy, both digital and traditional, to complement their brand and reach their multiple target audiences.

gr8 media banner
New Gr8 Interiors branding: “think inside the box”

We have branded multiple businesses and built many attractive, informative websites for clients across a wide range of industries, so we were very excited to be involved from the ground up with a client looking at a completely fresh approach to marketing their business.

Brand development

In the process of creating Gr8 Interiors' brand there were multiple questions that needed addressing. Firstly, we needed a solution that was easily identifiable and very distinct from the competition. Their target audiences needed to easily recognise the logo and the brand surrounding it, providing a solid platform for future marketing and advertising.

gr8 logo
Variations of Gr8 Interiors' logo

The logo itself is based around plan drawings, using thick lines and gaps to subtly suggest walls and doorways, encapsulating the internal 'gr8' lettering.

We then created a mechanism for displaying the logo using the bare internal structures of rooms. Placing the logo on different walls within internal spaces allowed us to use the perspective to highlight what Gr8 Interiors do, pictorially. This mechanism led us to identify the strap line, the focus of what Gr8 Interiors are and do; 'Think inside the Box', which is a rather nice play on words.

gr8 xmas media banner
Gr8 Interiors Christmas campaign

Website design and development

While developing the new website, we ensured that its design reflected the client's new sleek, clean and modern brand. The new design also facilitates easy navigation within the site, allowing visitors to seamlessly move from one section to another and locate the information they require.

gr8 website
Gr8 Interiors' new website, launched in January 2017

As Gr8 Interiors provide services in both the commercial and residential sectors it was very important to funnel their target audiences quickly and efficiently to the relevant information on the site.

Outdoor advertising and stationery

We also showcased Gr8 Interiors' new brand offline, executing a brand new wrapping for the company van. This served as a means for us to further communicate the company's reinvented identity to its existing and prospective customers. We have also produced advertising boards to be prominently positioned outside all of the sites where they work.

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    Gr8 Interiors - Outdoor Media

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As well as this, Gr8 Interiors now have brand new letterheads, business cards, lanyards and other stationery elements that helps them communicate their brand more effectively.

Marketing moving forward

The client is extremely satisfied with the initial results and continues to work with us in an ongoing structured campaign including all social media, print, email marketing and SEO in order to raise awareness of the company and boost its online and offline presence within its target market.

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