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A TEAM - Aaron Smith Personal Training, Men T-shirt

Aaron Smith Personal Training contacted Consider This with a vision to form a fitness movement built around personal goals, personal training and personal development. The company needed a brand that would reflect the customer's personal journey while being iconic and instantly recognisable.

a team personal training logos

Consider This has created and produced many innovative corporate identities for brands such as ALRA, CDET, bbodance and One Click Group, so we felt well equipped to take on this task and produce effective results for Aaron.

A team personal training, Girl T-shirt

With the 'TEAM' aspect of the logo we formed the concept around a pathway, taking the user on a journey from the negative to the positive. If you look closely at the letters, each one has its own journey from start to finish and the pathway continues through each letter, an unbroken line creating each typographic element.

The large letter 'A' was created to reflect a youthful, urban feel, aligning itself with urban chic brands such as Converse or Adidas. The large 'A' forming an arrow upwards represents the upward fitness journey; gains, an increase in health, power, positivity, energy and ability. The star is to represent the users themselves, the participants of the journey, the people who have taken the first, second or even third step to achieving their fitness and life goals.

Using the white and bright yellow on a dark background helps highlight the positivity, a stark contrast to the surroundings (dark background / or black t-shirt for example).

Iconic, meaningful, versatile and recognisable was the end result.

This new identity has been well received by the client and we are also thoroughly pleased with the results.

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