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Why franchisors should use an online solution for marketing

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Online solutions benefit all areas of franchising since it enables both effective control of your brand message and brand presentation, whilst making it an extensive and cost-effective way to customise your printed materials, everything from leaflets to business card to mail-shots. This means that your theme, logo and images are consistent throughout the franchise.

Customers expect a seamless experience within same brand companies or retailers

Your branding and house-style messaging are important as this is how the public perceives your company. If this is inconsistent, you risk not attracting new franchisees, as well as putting off local customers. It is imperative that all marketing throughout the franchise is co-ordinated at the franchisor level with input from the franchisee towards their local customers.

How an online solution helps franchisors

The benefits of adopting an online solution are manyfold. It will reduce the direct costs of your printed materials and related services, such as distribution costs. It will lighten the workflow and speed up the whole process, as you will have the ability to edit artwork for printed material and order your product online or place direct mail and advertising campaigns.

Lower marketing supply/distribution chain costs

An online solution will deliver your total marketing requirement across your entire sales network. With each local retailer or company paying the cost of large volume printing, the distribution will cost much less as it now becomes part of a larger national plan. In other words, it generates an Economy of Scale.

Lighten workflow

This platform is designed to the specific requirements of the franchisor. In turn it gives the franchise an online catalogue with all the marketing collateral and services that are available to them. The franchisee then only has to customise the details relevant to their local market.

Franchise Marketing is more than printing

Online platforms give franchisors and franchisees access to a wide catalogue of services and products, including: generic and bespoke printed material, advertising templates, direct mail campaigns, promotional products, exhibition graphics, real-time online editing and proofing, online payment, secure 24/7 ordering, brand protection, user-friendly templates and much more.

Marketing platforms for franchisors are web oriented

Nowadays, this type of platform should be designed and integrated with a fully-functional website. To maintain reliable and inexpensive online communication our Print Managament platform has been designed to give consistency across online and offline marketing. It goes beyond a classic online solution, allowing franchisees the ability to edit and personalise marketing materials for their products, services or businesses, whilst remaining on brand.

The ability to control the brand while simultaneously enabling and supporting the use of customised marketing materials

From the franchisor's point of view, online solutions allow them the security of knowing their brand guidelines are always respected. By centrally managing and delivering the marketing product they ensure that all franchisees in the network are using the same approved branding.

Reduced obsolescence

An online solution reduces obsolescence by eliminating the need to purchase printed materials in large quantities. This solution also enables you to acquire most printed materials in small quantities on a cost-effective basis and, since production lead times are short, you can order materials as and when they are needed. This greatly lessens the possibility that materials will become obsolete before they can be used.

Subsequently, warehouse storage costs are also inherently reduced.

Convenience, speed and accuracy

A technology-based system produces a level of performance that cannot easily be duplicated by a more human-based system. You will have: 24/7 availability to the online solution, a great reduction in the time required to process and fulfil printed material orders and the number of mistakes that can happen when telephone calls, faxes and emails are used will dwindle dramatically.

Brand consistency

By providing your franchisees with a simple set of brand guidelines to follow, you will strengthen your business's collective identity since every franchise will share dependable and fixed branding.

With this online solution you solve all branding inconsistencies. What you have set as the template is always used in corporate and marketing materials, signage and even business stationery. This reinforces the public perception of the quality held by your product or service.

Customised content

Your brand is the core of your business, however the franchisees are the ones who have to successfully present this to their local community in order for the business to prosper. The online solution allows the franchisor to give the local branches an approved template to customise but maintain the brand consistency.

Digital asset management

This online solution allows franchisees a simple method of customising their marketing strategies whilst abiding by the branding guidelines. They will have access to multiple file types that are easy to download and upload; all your digital assets will be in one secure online system; you will save time, money and effort looking for and distributing assets and, most importantly, you will be more productive.

Franchisors need to leverage marketing tools to involve their franchisees

Franchisees know their local customers and can adjust their marketing towards expanding the business, but it is imperative that the franchisor has complete control over branding consistency.

With an online solution you not only remove any worry concerning your branding but you also greatly reduce overhead costs and obsolescence whilst still running and managing successful marketing campaigns on behalf of the franchisee.

If you would like to get further information on how our online solution can help your business, please do not hesitate to get in touch.



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